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The Secretary

Alice McCleave

Alice has now been working at Eyehorn Farm since 2018. Having owned horses her whole life, Alice has also completed an Equine Management course at Hadlow College, followed by achieving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Equine Therapy.

Since being at Eyehorn Farm, Alice has been dealing with all the office-based racing administration, and liaises with owners on a regular basis. Alice was heavily involved in the application for the new license and the transfer of the horses from the combined license, to the sole management Karen.

She now assists existing and new owners in all aspects of racehorse ownership including, setting up sole ownerships, partnerships and syndicates along with VAT registration, sponsorship and arranging colours.

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Alice 2.JPG

Alice also plays a big part in the day-to-day smooth running of the yard including feed and hay orders, arranging vet visits, keeping up to date with all veterinary compliances, staffing, arranging transport to the races, booking in work experience pupils, social media, liaising with tack and equipment suppliers and a variety of other roles.

Alice is always on hand for new and existing owners to contact at any time, if they have any enquires or require any assistance.

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